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As men continue to suffer from hormone imbalance and deficiencies, Dr. Taylor Pollei, founder of Form MD Performance, commanded a solution. “We keep in mind that life is a marathon, not a sprint,” Dr. Pollei expresses.

Dr. Pollei has created a branch from his plastic surgery practice that provides hormone supplementation, vitamin complex, antioxidant, growth hormone and other similar wellness treatments.

Dr. Pollei shares a deep passion for fitness and optimizing the overall quality of life, so he dove into finding a solution for this obstacle that many men are facing. After nearly two years of clearing hurdles by beta testing patient satisfaction, outcomes, overcoming HR and California regulations, Dr. Pollei has successfully merged hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medication into a safe and controlled treatment of low testosterone. He has provided a medical facility for one-on-one consultations, built a team that is devoted to bettering the lives of others, and provided a white-glove concierge service that is safe, empowering and convenient to all.

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