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How Testosterone Therapy Works

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Testosterone & Aging

As men age, low testosterone becomes a prevalent condition. However, men of any age who suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol may also be at risk for low testosterone.


Testosterone levels decrease gradually with age due to the body producing the hormone at lower levels compared to younger men. This natural decrease in male hormone levels is known as andropause.

The Role of Testosterone

Testosterone plays a vital role in several functions in the male body, including regulating sexual function, stimulating sperm production, contributing to healthy reproductive tissues, increasing muscle mass, and maintaining bone strength and density. Testosterone levels are measured within a specific range, and results outside of this range can cause physical and emotional symptoms. A diagnosis of low testosterone is given to patients whose testosterone level falls below a specific nanogram per deciliter of blood.


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Andropause is like menopause in many ways, but affects men as they age. The hormonal changes that occur in andropause start much earlier than menopause and progress gradually into old age. Hormones affected during this process include not only testosterone but also the thyroid hormones, human growth hormone (HGH), and DHEA.

Andropause can result in weight gain, especially around the abdomen, reduced muscle tone, decreased heart and lung capacity, and diminished sexual function. This process may also contribute to feelings of depression, fatigue, and irritability.

Our Process

Form MD Performance provides a comprehensive low testosterone treatment program to help you feel better and live a healthier life.
Upon starting your testosterone treatment, you should see a nearly immediate improvement in your overall quality of life and how you feel!
There are three main treatment options: weekly self-administered injections, topical cream applied once or twice daily, and pellet insertion into the gluteal muscle lasting several months at a time.
Injections are administered using a small 23-gauge needle, and some prefer this method due to its once-a-week schedule. All three methods are equally effective in providing desired results.
We test for and control estrogen in all our treatment programs.
Our specialists will provide you with specific instructions on how to properly administer your medications and will be available to guide you throughout your treatment.