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Low Testosterone Treatment Options

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Our testosterone treatments provide safe and convenient results you can see right away! It’s simple: one injection, once a week. Each treatment is being highly-regulated and supervised by medical professionals. Our testosterone treatments are both easy and efficient, and are proven to change the lives of many!

Low testosterone is a natural part of aging, but the symptoms can be bothersome. If you have low testosterone, you may notice symptoms like loss of muscle mass, chronic fatigue, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, or mood changes. A convenient and initial blood test is important in order to confirm that you are low in testosterone and to determine if you are a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).


Life gets busy! We want to tailor to YOUR needs by shipping your injections monthly, right to your doorstep. Your customized treatment is straightforward, with little to no risk involved.


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Our Process

Form MD Performance provides a comprehensive low testosterone treatment program to help you feel better and live a healthier life.
Upon starting your testosterone treatment, you should see a nearly immediate improvement in your overall quality of life and how you feel!
There are three main treatment options: weekly self-administered injections, topical cream applied once or twice daily, and pellet insertion into the gluteal muscle lasting several months at a time.
Injections are administered using a small 23-gauge needle, and some prefer this method due to its once-a-week schedule. All three methods are equally effective in providing desired results.
We test for and control estrogen in all our treatment programs.
Our specialists will provide you with specific instructions on how to properly administer your medications and will be available to guide you throughout your treatment.